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Looking to Expand Your Family? We've got you covered.


Understanding Life Fertility BioTherapy

At Essential Natural Health, we specialize in Life Fertility BioTherapy™, a renowned fertility program that has assisted couples in conceiving.

How Life Fertility BioTherapy™ Can Assist You

Fertility issues are more prevalent than perceived, with one in eight couples in the United States experiencing infertility annually. Life Fertility BioTherapy™ can help by:

  • Restoring hormonal balance

  • Regulating menstruation

  • Increasing blood flow to improve ovarian function and cervical mucus quality

  • Strengthening the immune system and reducing miscarriages

  • Improving uterine wall lining and oocyte quality within three months

  • Enhancing sperm function

Who Can Benefit from Life Fertility BioTherapy™

Essential Natural Health has successfully treated couples at various stages of their conception journey, whether seeking additional support after trying to conceive for some time, or as a complementary approach to IVF or IUI.

What to Expect

Consultation : Meet with our experienced provider to evaluate your situation and determine the suitability of Life Fertility BioTherapy™ for you.

Initial Treatment: The frequency of sessions will depend on your fertility needs, typically ranging from two to five sessions per week.

Maintenance: After completing the initial treatment plan, you will transition to a maintenance schedule of one to two treatments per month.

Treatment Duration: Sessions last approximately 30 minutes, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Why Choose Essential Natural Health

Our dedicated team is committed to helping you expand your family. With expertise in Life Fertility BioTherapy™, we offer personalized treatments tailored to your specific needs, unlike standard acupuncture approaches.

If you're interested in learning more about Life Fertility BioTherapy™, reach out to our team at 804.464.3315 to set up a consultation.


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