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Want your receipt?

Did you know that thermal receipts we receive after making purchases have endocrine disrupting chemicals infused in them?

Chemicals like bisphenols have been associated with altering the male and female reproductive systems, heightening occurrences of breast cancer and abnormal growth patterns and neurodevelopmental delays in children, according to the World Health Organization.

When BPA enters the body via dermal or inhalation exposure, it by-passes first-pass metabolism (via the liver), allowing significantly more unconjugated BPA to circulate in the bloodstream. Only the unconjugated form of BPA can bind to estrogen receptors, leading some groups to conclude that only the unconjugated form is biologically active and therefore hazardous.

Given its similarity to estrogens produced by the body, BPA has the ability to interact with estrogen receptors and stimulate estrogen production and also alter other hormone secretions.

BPA is a key component in the production of plastics and is used to produce epoxy resins that coat the insides of food and drink cans. So this stuff is everywhere.

Another emerging class of short-lived chemicals to try to reduce your exposure to are phthalates,these chemicals are added to plastics to enhance flexibility and resilience.

So here’s the take home:

1. Endocrine disruptors may induce gene expression by acting as hormones or disrupting metabolism or synthesis of natural hormones.

2. Endocrine disruptors may affect the nervous system and alter signaling of the endocrine system.-

3. Endocrine disruptors may induce epigenetic changes through alterations in DNA formation.

So opt out of paper receipts (just say no thank you) and ask for an electronic receipt or use your bank statements for tax purposes.

PMID: 27424048

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