One of the most IMPORTANT things that we can do for ourselves is create positive habits.

Positive lifestyle choices allow us to pour into our lives while inadvertently fostering more care, passion and thoughtfulness into our surrounding environment.

So when working with...

The stress response is actually part of a larger response known as the “general adaptation syndrome”

To fully understand how to combat stress, it is important to understand the general adaptation syndrome. The general adaptation syndrome is composed of three phases: ala...

Nahhh, this isn’t quite what you were thinking...the phenomenon of nighttime dipping as it relates to your blood pressure is pretty important for overall cardiovascular health.

Studies have demonstrated that nocturnal/nighttime Blood Pressure (BP) is a better predictor...


To take air into the lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing (marked by a long, slow exhale) is 🔑 to stimulating vagal nerve activity. 

Healthy vagal nerve tone is indicated by a slight increase...

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